MUSULIN, Stella (Baroness Stella von Musulin) was a writer and historian who spent most of her life in Austria. Her books include Austria; People and Landscape and Vienna in the Age of Metternich. She was a close friend of the poet W.H. Auden who lived near the von Musulin family estate Schloss Fridau. Auden took up Austrian residence in 1957 and the two became friends soon after. Auden wrote the Foreword to her seminal book on Austria published by Faber & Faber ‘Austria People and Landscape. She contributed to a wide range of international publications on politics and culture. She spent her later years living in the courtyard wing of Fridau Castle in Lower Austria where she entertained a wide range of writers and intellectuals who sought out her company for her extraordinary intelligence and ready charm which never failed her despite her suffering from Parkinson’s disease in her later years. Stella Musulin was a key part of a core of Viennese intellectual life in the years during which she lived in the Austrian capital. She was also a regular broadcaster on Austrian Radio. She had a wry sense of humour. She once said she could recognise a spy by “looking at the back of his neck!” Vienna had no shortage of spies in the years during which she was resident there.

Some biographical details:


She was born on 16th July 1915 at Dale Castle Pembrokeshire. During WW2 she worked in the Foreign Office and in British Intelligence. She married, 23 June 1946, at Mariazell, Austria: JOHANN EMIL ALEXANDER HELFRIED MARIA VON SIEGE, BARON MUSULIN VON GOMIRJE
who was born in 1916, son .of Alexander Emil Maria, Baron Musulin Von Gomirje, Austrian Minister to Berne, and his wife Gerda Maria Louise, d. of Rudolph Friedreich Ernst, Baron Isbary. He was educ. at Vienna and qualified Ing. Agrar.; journalist, Author and Land Owner. They had one son:
Baron Marco Alexander Helfreid Rhodri Musulin Von Gomirje who is an Austrian financier.

Radio programme of interest:
roi_e_0053.mp3 Austria’s Past is Present. 1938. Interview with Max von
Marquet and Stella Musulin. A: Michael O’Sullivan. Marquet,
Max von.; Musulin, Stella.
RFA Broadcast 18.02.88 Duration 10.23.30 on Radio Austria International



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2 Responses to STELLA MUSULIN

  1. Zeynep says:

    A most interesting piece. I believe it ought to be highlighted that the year in which W. H. Auden took up Austrian residence, 1957, is most significant.

  2. Stella Musulin really was an outstanding personage and a wonderful charming lady. I still miss her very much.

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